Quality of Life is a journal founded in 1990 with the aim of advancing scientific research on quality of life and social policy issues. The journal features four issues per year and publishes empirical, methodological and theoretical articles in the above-mentioned areas as well as in the following related fields: living standard(s), consumption patterns, employment and occupations, healthcare, housing, political participation, environmental well-being, education and schooling, social services, social interventions, family and interpersonal relationships, leisure, migration, lifestyles, subjective well-being, research methods.

In particular, the journal encourages the submission of articles analysing and assessing social policies as well as of those advancing strategies and recommendations of social intervention. The journal publishes original articles based on qualitative or quantitative data as well as theoretical articles. The journal accepts manuscripts in Romanian, English and French. All submissions are carefully assessed and undergo the double-blind peer review process with a minimum of two reviewers.
The Quality of Life journal follows a new editorial policy that aims to encourage articles that bring original contributions to the international literature in its areas of interest, without downplaying relevant research that aims to foster local, national or regional social development. We also support the increasing international visibility of the articles published by our authors and the growth in the number of citations.


"Youth and Sustainability of Rural Areas", Special Issue of Quality of Life Journal, Volume 21, Issue 2, 2023


The Quality of Life Journal has opened the call for the Special Issue on “Youth and Sustainability of Rural Areas” (vol. 21, issue 2/2023).

The deadline is: 15 March 2023

Papers must be written in compliance with the Quality of Life Journal Ethics Statement, using the recommended paper template. Authors should send their manuscript/s to Quality of Life Journal submissions platform system.

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Vol. 33 No. 4 (2022)
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This issue contains accepted manuscripts published before they appear in a volume/ issue of Calitatea Vieții. Subject to change during the editing and production process.

The authors of this issue are: Mona Simu, Mădălina Bălășescu, Nicoleta Corbu, Raluca Buturoiu, Denisa-Adriana Oprea, Alexandra Dobre, Inga Chistruga-Sînchevici, Cornelia Dumitru, Alina Pop.

Published: 2022-12-31
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